November 27, 2012

Sorry, I haven't posted, I have been so busy! But! I'm making it up to you by posting two at the same time.
So, Here we go...
Username: madieula

Date: 28/11/12

Username: comvivi
Date: 27/11/12

First, I'll head over to comvivi, and already, i can see such a wonderful, bright yellow room! I also like the dress she is wearing! The star-design hair, suites her very much! And in the background of her suite, You can see the Eiffel Tower! Wow!

And, now we have madieula! With a lovely chic city fashion suite! A lovely outfit, black is best, most of the time! I also really like her hair and makeup!

What a lovely effort from both girls!

What do you think of these girls? Would you vote them 5/5?


Untill the next time...