November 26, 2012

1:27 PM

Good evening!
I'm glad to see you here!

VD - this is monthly contest, where you can show us your sense of style.

Entry is open to all Vogue followers. If you want to take a part, read and accept our rules >> HERE. (Only one time! If you already did it, you shouldn't do it again)

And for this month the theme is...

Christmas & New Year's Eve!

If you’re interested in this competition, you need to…

- Be a Vogue Daily follower
- Read and accept our rules.
- Dress your doll with this theme and save her in your presentation.
- Leave a comment with your stardoll username below.
- Wait about 5-7 days for the next step.



  1. Here is my entry, it is supposed to be the snow of christmas, xx

  2. emmahunt4
    My entry is in my presentation as you asked it is inspired from the snow queen

  3. _sweetlena_
    My entry is new year's eve dressing up, and it's in my presentation.

  4. conectt3

    my entry is in my presentation.

  5. My entry is in my stardoll's pres.

  6. username: Rei1981

    The doll is the last picture on my presentation, it says "for miss vogue december"

  7. username: cute.miss.lola

    ( my outfit is more for new years eve than christmas!)

    Stardoll presentation by the way.

  8. Username: LoveGossip4life

    My entry is on my presentation, and the only dress up doll/image on there, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

    I was inspired by New Years Eve, and how everything is so glamorous... I love the gold accents that I see during the holiday, and I wanted to have a settle, yet an outfit that made a statement. I hope you like my entry!