November 25, 2012

Hey! I'll start by introducing myself, I'm Jack Ierardi (lip0 on Stardoll), I'm 16 years old and I love Lana Del Rey, platform shoes, and rain. I'm a new writer here on Vogue Daily! I'm very excited to be bringing you trend reports, style secrets and must haves all throughout the weeks. I start with this week's trend report, enjoy!

Leather has graced the lower halves of many dolls this week, making it this weeks Trend of the Week. Many alternative users have swapped the standard denim etc. for leather, to create a more rugged, grunge look. 

Here are my picks of this weeks hottest leather outfits.

Who? Katrian-G
What? Slim Black Pleather Dress (MSW /12 worn as skirt)

Who? lip0
What? Rio Leggings 

Who? hollyoaksrocks*
What? Paradise Preform Pants (Supertrash Girls)

Who? Rafi101
What? Slim Fit Pants (Fallen Angel Boys)

Leather pants are the obvious winners, but skirts are making a breakthrough! Leather is a versatile texture that can add a rocker edge to any outfit.

So if you want to be in style this week, snatch yourself some leather bottoms and wriggle into them ASAP!

I've been Jack and you've been reading this weeks Trend Report.