December 13, 2012

12:32 AM

Hello everyone, just letting you updated of the two changes that just happened on Stardoll: The Starcoins System and a new Feature that allows you to take pictures to whom you visit.

 Starcoins System 

So by you being superstar instead of being able to earn 50 starcoins daily, now you can earn up to 90 starcoins which will meant also you'll be able to get 18 starpoints per day instead of only 14. The non superstars will earn more as well - instead of 40 starcoins, you can now get 60 starcoins and more 2 starpoints daily which will mean 14 starpoints in total.

Non Superstar


New Feature

Now you're also able to take pictures to the people you visit. I visited DailyVogue just to be used as an example:

As you see there's the little camera that was not there before and you can just take pictures to whatever you want in you visitors suite.

What do you think of the changes? 

See you next time,



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