December 3, 2012

Hello Vogue Dollies!

Here is today's covergirl...

Username: Andreya180

Personally, i think the covergirl today is a little... simple! But i still love those luscious red lips! They add a perfect texture to her doll! I also like the bed in her suite :) Very classy/goth. I voted 5/5, But will you?


Untill the next time...



  1. Uhm personally i never did like how these competitions go, I mean you win cause you broadcasted and spent a huge money with it (some people even create fake accounts just to vote), not cause you really deserve... Its not hating or whatever the winner but I've visit everyday girls that seem just perfect, you can see that they really put effort on the suite and themselves and those ones i think it should be the ones that win.