December 15, 2012

5:17 AM


If Prince Charming arrives, he may get distracted and run off. With Mars and the moon in quadrature, daily life becomes boring and there is nothing to dream about. The toughest among you will make it through. You don’t need princes. Rating 5.5

Wonderful reawakening. You love slowly now. It’s like intense Blues, even sexier. You don’t worry about being up to the challenge. Those internal voices stop criticizing. You can enjoy this wonderful day now that you’ve stopped chasing after something. You are pure power. Rating 8


You get right to the heart of things. You aren’t left hanging in a dreamy cloud. You aren’t paralyzed by the wait. There’s a feeling of wellness. Nothing is going wrong for you. Your man bends like a reed. Those born in May may be intolerant and feel slightly off. Rating 6.5


You are careful not to break the thread. The horror vacui – the fear of empty spaces – is still there. When your man is not there, you don’t feel well, and when he’s around, you feel weighed down. You’ve got the moon in opposition. Don’t let your thoughts run wild. Some of you are working too much. Rating 5.5


If the one you’ve got now doesn’t meet your standards, there’s another one right behind him. You are in great shape. You don’t stop, sword and foil drawn. You are enveloped by a magical cloud of beauty. When you feel like it, you can shake things up. Those born in July are especially brilliant. Rating 7

Rust never sleeps, as Neil Young sang. But that’s not your issue. Your mind is more brilliant each day. Life’s a cakewalk. You hold the key to the treasure chest. Those born between Aug. 25 and Aug. 29 still have a bit of patience left. Mercury in quadrature is moving quickly. Rating 7.5

You feel dejected. There may certainly exceptions, but Mars and the moon are having a hard time forgiving you your errors. The error you are making is perhaps feeling dejected. The most irrational among you may just throw you out there, and you might be rewarded for it. Rating 5.5


What is it underneath that layer of polish? You really want to find out because shine is just not enough for you anymore. You suspect something. You are trying to find the truth that lies beneath. With a decisive gesture, you discover the cards he has in hand. Stay calm. Rating 5.5


Time is giving you that sense of distance that allows you to uncover secrets. You do it without making a big scene. Understanding and deciphering is easy for you. This is all highly educational, and will serve you now and in the future. Venus keeps you sparkling, flexible and erotic. Rating 8


The fire of vitality is burning bright. Spontaneity doesn’t always come off as being credible, but you are very credible because you don’t hide behind hours and hours of silence. The world wants you to talk and let your feelings out. You oblige. Great. Rating 7

You don’t backtrack a millimeter. You are victorious in ways large and small. You’ve got the courage to do, say and kiss. Your man is bewitched by your strength, but he likes it even more when he sees the slightest flicker of uncertainty in your eyes. You know the secret to an astute femininity. Rating 7

Don’t judge yourself for a stray word or glance. Nothing is uglier than that monster, and you should never again look him in the eye. Some of the third decan are slowly easing their way in. Perhaps they prefer to stay in their corner and not take on the universe. Rating 6

You can jump right out there into the world, the chaos and confusion of thousands of neural connections. You know the way to act in love. You are never abrupt or hard. Your man isn’t irritating and he doesn’t retreat to his cold winter residence. Your sensuality is irresistible. Your beauty is out of this world, taking on the world. Rating 8


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