December 16, 2012

1:27 AM


There’s a jungle beat that accompanies you into the intricate forest that is your unrelenting daily life. It’s pure, red- hot vigor like on a sunny summer day. You don’t feel the December cold. Fuego. You can warm up the minds and hearts of the weak. Rating 7.5

The slight veil of sadness and melancholy that one senses about you if they look at you deeply is covering an intense sweetness that wants for sweetness. You would like your man to understand you that deeply but he seems too caught up in things. Rating 5.5


While your intelligence and mental capabilities stand out, what shines ever brighter is the richness of your heart. Though you would be embarrassed if someone were to point it out. You’ve got a clear view of your feelings. You breathe easy and passion is free to pulsate. A fantastic moon. Rating 7.5


You know how to use a machete to cut rotting leaves and tangled branches. The tropical mosquitoes are relentless, but you have the strength of a Sumerian goddess going into battle. Only those of the third decan can’t wait until the opposition of Mars ends. Rating 6.5


There’s a long sequence of important stellar movements set up by Mercury and Venus. Renewal is about to begin and will build up to a crescendo as you head toward the end of the year. Today you are able to manage the small clouds brought on by the opposition of the moon. You do this by getting a clear overview of the situation. Rating 5.5


Your thoughts are not all negative, but you don’t see easy resolutions to things. This is especially true for those born in August who are suddenly feeling the pressure of the rapid planets. Don’t be hasty in dealing with your personal needs and deepest emotions. Rating 6

A difficult Mars brings most of those born in the third decan to a tiebreaker after five difficult sets. It looks like you may be headed toward victory. Don’t be overly confident in your game playing though. Those of the first two decans can dance on the tables. Flowers fall from the sky. 7


You are vital as ever but your brain may be a bit fried. Sometimes you see yourself as being repetitive, the same as everyone else and this makes you want to revolutionize everything, including what’s around you. Watch out for the dark side. Rating 5.5


Most of you have accepted the idea of change, and this may start from inside you or from things you are doing. Transforming life to the change of your psyche, your identity and the old way of seeing yourself. You want to explore new worlds, spurred on by the moon and Uranus. Rating 7.5

You don’t let yourself fall into complacency, perhaps because a while ago, you realized the limits of complacency. Or perhaps you are bored and this overrides any fear you may have of letting go of what you are used to. Those who say you are stuck in one place are wrong. Slow, sensible change. Rating 7

Love declarations are more probable. There’s a renewed hunger for erotic delights. Perhaps too great a hunger as you are one with a robust appetite for excitement and to see new things as reality is too boring. Mercury and the moon free up your imagination. Rating 7

It’s difficult to come to clear conclusions, but this quantum opening is your favorite state. You don’t love the wave function collapse. There’s never just one answer to a question. Those born in February see crystal glasses that are too fragile and half empty. Rating 6