December 18, 2012

2:40 AM

You can dominate however you want. Take to the field. You’ve got it all within your reach. Those born in the third decan are wanting change and to find solutions, but all of these things will have to wait. Try not to enter into the tunnel of dissatisfaction. Those born in March are full of charm. Rating 6.5

Venus, the planet of love, is in your sign. You are a sign of love, of burning passion that wants to possess the object of your affections. Mars and the moon light up this passion. They bring pleasure to the body. The ecstasy of being at one with another. Rating 8

You are slowed down and weighted down by a sky that makes your shoulders hunch and your thoughts numb. You are continuing to learn the value of freedom. Nobody can take your breath away or stop you from being independent. You are free of the chains of love. Rating 5.5

You are sweet, delicate, elusive and full of energy. You want to explore, conquer, understand and dare to do that which you shouldn’t dare. You move off in every direction and break down barriers. With your man the elective affinities are evident. It’s a pleasure to stay together. Rating 7.5

You are like the Atlas painting by Guercino with your eyes to the ground and the whole wide world on your shoulders. Daily pressures and the sense of melancholy are going away, especially for those of the first decan who may be in for surprise successes. Confident. Haughty. Able to take on ideas and projects with conviction. Rating 7

Don’t insist on wanting for what you can’t have. Don’t get down if everything doesn’t go as planned. You have the moon in opposition. You are tense. At times you hesitate, you move away and evaporate as if sucked into the vortex. Or perhaps boredom wins out. Rating 5.5

You are always punctual. Often you are too punctual. Take your time more. If you have to take the next train, it’s not a big deal. Venus in hedonistic sextile lets you give in to abandon. Relaxation. You are an enchantress of love. Your feelings are genuine. Your words as sweet and smooth as honey. Rating 7


You are vital as ever but your brain may be a bit fried. Sometimes you see yourself as being repetitive, the same as everyone else and this makes you want to revolutionize everything, including what’s around you. Watch out for the dark side. Rating 5.5

A hypnotic moon. It’s like a balm that smooths over doubts and insecurities. The desire to take the darkest of paths to understanding is no more. You let yourself be swept away. If you are able to get out of the mental grips of the vacuum of free space, all of those small annoyances will disappear. Rating 7.5

Everyone says you are cold. That you are as hard as granite. Today they will have to eat their words because you give off such a warm and inviting feeling. It’s as if you emerged from a Botticelli painting. You are like Flora waiting for Zephyr to come take you away, kiss you and love you. Pheromones dance in the air. Rating 8

You are great at trying to argue that black is white. You always get yourself into trouble. You know everything about the subtle art of fibbing. The most implausible truth becomes plausible on your lips. You are intelligent, lively, enterprising, surprising and able to make life shine. Rating 6.5

You give off light, like a smiling life signal from the rocks for those wandering in the dark. The lobster is sleeping below you and the moray calms down. There’s the scent of oleander, wormwood and caper. It is not winter in your heart or in your mind. You are in great shape. Elusive. Rating 7


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