December 19, 2012

1:15 AM

Mercury makes for fluorescent neural connections. It fires up the synapses, making the tubulins explode in a special quantum entanglement. Your mind is not only lit up in blue and pink, but you are able to get your point across, straight to the soul of the person you want. Rating 7

Mars continues to bring you positive energy and a wonderful moon gives you the chance to have a bright day. You can put yourself to the test. You are like saints. You take on temptation, don’t give in to flattery and find that you are stronger than any Lucifer. With your main, love is as smooth and sweet as honey. Rating 8

There’s something that’s not working. Something that is elusive, that you can’t grasp. Perhaps it’s the solution to a puzzle. The moon, Mercury and Venus in opposition don’t let you waste even a tenth of a second. Stay calm, quiet and peaceful. Rating 5.5

You need to be straight to the point, decisive and precise down to the millimeter. You aren’t quivering little girls. You are decisive women who can also be very sweet with those who fire up your senses. There’s an agitated Mars for those born between July 15 and July 19 – they’d like to live in gingerbread houses but find themselves dealing with the difficulties of daily life. Rating 7.5

You’ve got the rapid planets working in your favor. You are colorful trains that cross mountains and hills with pink smoke coming out. You are so elegant. Your eyes are like two beacons that appear like kisses in the eyes of the ones you love. You are progressively more vital. Saturn only bothers a few of those. Rating 7

Discomfort. Irritation. Reflections. Second-guessing. Today the moon is ill-positioned. This doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself off in a room, but you need to be more attentive and flexible in your actions and in your relationships. Don’t just focus on everyday practical matters. Leave room for fantasies in love as well. Rating 5.5

Don’t hem and haw. Don’t stay there stuck between one extreme and another. Leap, decide, and take a position. Only those of the third decan are grumbling and merely tolerating things. There are no Borges-style universes to figure out or Montale-style lemon trees paralyzing you. Rating 6.5

You are out of this world. Making an impact, winning. You are like an explosive ready to go off. You are an avalanche that buries everything with a kiss. You are the light that brightens up the darkness for those wandering in the fog. You are gorgeous. There are rare exceptions to that. Rating 8

Don’t be too hasty. Respect the theories of Einstein on the speed of light. It’s not yet possible to bounce from here to there like a subatomic particle. You should accept life in all of its normality, also because the moon wouldn’t forgive excess. Rating 5.5

A perfect road map. Things are linear, going smoothly. There’s nothing tripping you up. No difficult trial. You move off in every direction, breaking down barriers with that same old stylish step. For those of the third decan, Mars translates into desire and pride. You want to put yourself out there and try to succeed. Rating 6.5

You should make a budget for the gifts you need to buy. No wild shopping sprees. A positive Mercury and Venus can make you incredibly generous. Those of you with Saturn in opposition – some of those born in January – may feel less pressure from the world. Rating 6

You are well prepared for the end of the world. There are already various aliens contacting you. They find you a position in the new dimension. You are flexible, though Mercury and Venus in quadrature can make for mood swings. Rating 6


  1. I read it everyday, very precise! It's a pity though my horoscope is the most messed up one, I should have bornt at another time*-*