December 21, 2012

12:04 AM

Happy. Lively. Airy. Full of brio. Everything flows just the way it’s supposed to. The world is not like a wall of granite that needs to be scaled alone. There's nothing serious to deal with. No apocalypses. You make your way smoothly through things. You know where you are and where you want to get to. You are in fantastic shape. Rating 7.5

The end of the world? It won’t be the end of the world. Not for you. You’d be able to make paradise out of a swath of Earth the size of a Kleenex. You are happy to still be here in any case. You are able to finish what you started knowing that you still have stars shining overhead. Rating 7

Catastrophe avoided. All you need to do is glance outside the window to get back on track without missing a beat. On the right foot. This is especially true of those of the first decan. Those of the second decan have Mercury in opposition and are less easygoing. Just be vigilant and use the eyes in the back of your head. Rating 7


Today may go a bit screwy. Those of you who aren’t shaking like a leaf start tapping their feet nervously. No experimental dancing for now. Those of the third decan should be extremely cautious. You could provoke pandemonium that would go beyond every prophecy. Rating 5.5

Everything and more. No apocalypse here. You have the moon, Venus and Mercury in splendid trigon. Triumph fits you like a glove. There may be exceptions for those born between July 29 and July 31 who are tangled in Saturn’s dark web. The rest of you are free to be daring. All the way. Rating 8

This is not a good day to take stock of your life, but ripping the page off the calendar gives you a perverse joy. You are prepared for the idea of the end, but you hadn’t considered how sad life would be without the first cup of coffee in the morning. Rating 6.5

Things are disorderly. There’s dust everywhere. Is this the apocalypse? Today many of you may think it is and fight to bring that original innocence back to the world. Don’t be surprised if you encounter resistance. Rating 5.5

Much ado about nothing. You stand at the top of Krakatoa and look down into the mouth of the volcano. You are happy the Mayans were wrong. Happy you don’t need to leap into the volcano. But you are also a bit annoyed. They could have at least shown you how things were going to end. Rating 7

If this is the end, then it’s not so bad. There are new thing happening. The world is yearning for you. They talk about how good you are at work all the way to Hong Kong. If you had all known nothing would happen, you wouldn’t have had to hold a worldwide conference to explain how useless prophecies are. Rating 8

The end? You don’t really have a problem with it. Especially when you are a bit down and you are less than optimistic. But you’ve never liked to leave things unfinished so you thank the aliens. You thank them for putting off their visit for a few centuries and for giving you the time to finish things calmly. Rating 5.5

Welcome to the New World. The world is not over, but this might be a good time to make some changes. No more passports. Free flights for everyone. Work only in your free time. There are great inspirations to explore. In the meantime, be satisfied with a sky that is not exactly wonderful. Rating 8

What a shame. You really wanted to embrace your brothers from the star Al Risha once again seeing that they live 139 light years from here. But now you need to get back to work and use your imagination. Think about how it would have been after the end. Anything to modernize this dear old world. Rating 6.5


  1. Vedic astrology believes that certain planets shed positive energy on the life of a person while some others shed negative influences. These positive and negative influences can clearly be drawn from the representation of those planets as drawn in a Kundali horoscope.