December 24, 2012

2:10 AM

Kind and soft. And graceful - especially graceful. You make change to that which exists already. That which is already written, already known. Starting with the most important thing, which can only be found inside of you. You are wonderfully in tune with your most fragile and precious side. Your heart shines like a lantern in the night. Rating 7

Velvety and full-bodied. You are as genuine as pumpkin that has been left to cook in its broth for hours and hours. Without acidic notes and with no need for sweeteners or chemical additives. You are fantastic just as you are. A soft and sweet Christmas Eve with those you care about, hand in hand with your love. Rating 7.5

A bit of an agitated Christmas Eve. Perhaps someone invites himself last minute or there’s a gift you need to run out and find. It’s a test of your sanity and your ability to be two placet at once. Communications with your man may not be the best. Be lenient. You may find a wonderful surprise under the tree. Rating 6

Silent night. When everything is quiet, you get the magic back. You click your heels and are already somewhere else. You don’t need to ask permission or even move. Everyday life doesn’t scare you. There’s no barrier between you and the world. You get right to the heart of things at supersonic speed. Rating 8

A challenging Christmas Eve. You may feel slightly sluggish or feel like something is off emotionally. Don’t blow things out of proportion or get down. Cheer along with those who are smiling and try to forget about the rest. Tomorrow morning you will wake up like new. And it will be a completely different day. Rating 6

No worries or obstacles. Outside a Siberian wind is blowing but you have warm hands. You are wrapping the last presents with red ribbon and bows and are looking over your recipes for tomorrow. Everything is going just as it should. It’s a wonderful Christmas Eve. Special cuddles for those of the first decan. Rating 7,5

Smile. There’s something new in the air. There are no yawns or complaints in sight. The sky begins to rain gifts from the sky and down into the chimney. Those of the first decan are in for passionate kisses. Those of the second decan will see success and professional conquests. All of the rest of you are in fantastic shape. Rating 7

Low profile. For today it’s better to fly under the radar. Wallow in your boredom without bothering anyone else. Don’t speak in sharp tones or make the phone switchboard go crazy by giving off mixed signals. Stay quiet in your tower. Tomorrow is another day. Rating 5.5

You are shining and sweet. Keep your ears perked up ready to listen. To understand and mediate. With patience and a sense of fair play. You are diplomatic and impeccable. Wonderful at explaining your reasoning for things. Without trying to dominate or lecture. Using your one weapon – seduction. Rating 7

Pure white. No dark turn. It’s time for softness, in your soul and in your eyes. None of you is trembling from the cold or solitude. In the warmth of affections your heart regains its true strength. A Christmas Eve as soft as snow. Like a cherry tree on the first day it blossoms. Rating 8

It may be that some of those of the first decan swing like a pendulum between a healthy desire to obtain things and the less gratifying instinct to deprive yourself. One hand gives and the other takes away. A Christmas Eve of penitence. Just like old times. Leave the champagne for tomorrow. Rating 6

You shine brighter than the tree in Rockefeller Center. With flashing lights that send out coded messages to the Draco constellation. It’s not quite clear what others down there understand. And they may not understand up here either. Let the interpreters and translators figure it out. You just think about shining. Rating 7.5


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