December 25, 2012

3:28 AM

It's all about the verb “to please.” To conjugate as you please. In the first person, singular or plural. With all of your senses. You are full of charm. It’s a wonderful moment to be daring and just let yourself go. Under the mistletoe or anywhere you wish. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 8

Red varnish, gold dust. More precious than the treasure chest of an emperor from the Song dynasty. You give of yourself all the way – to whom is nobody's business but your own. Free body, free mind. You are beaming. Even at the table with 50 relatives. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 7

The tensions from the last few days have dissipated. There are kisses and sweetness for those of the first decan and light, airy thoughts for those of the second decan. There’s more joy in the body for all of you. The liveliness is back and your conversations flow. With or without champagne. Those at the table thank you. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 6

Your heart is made of caramel. A little bit doesn’t hurt anybody. It’s time to give. To leave those ghosts in the past and dedicate yourself to others. To offer cuddles and receive them in return. The difficulties are officially over for those of the third decan. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 6.5

Like a Danish or an English pudding. With French kisses and salmon in Béarnaise sauce. Or a Russian borscht in a bowl of Prussian blue velvet. You are sumptuous and regal. You are ready to start conversations and give out smiles in silver cups and saucers. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 8

You do your best work behind the scenes. The table is perfect. Your pheasant cooked with chestnuts is simply divine. It’s understandable if you are feeling a bit tired. Give in to the warmth of this splendid day. Rest is a gift you’ve definitely earned. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 5.5

You make everyone happy. The good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. But you especially make yourself happy. You don’t deny yourself anything. And there may be a bit of sinning (more or less innocent). Perhaps you eat too much or maybe it’s your purple punk nail polish. You are electric, crafty. Merry Christmas to you all. Rating 7.5

Today will be a great day all day long. With much laughter and very little that is dark. Red shoes, candles on the table. Cream and kisses. You are adorable with everyone, whether you find yourself in a snake’s lair or in the bosom of the family. There’s sparkling conversation among intelligent people. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 7

You have plenty of reason to celebrate. With 100 friends or the affection of those in your inner circle. Even if you aren’t dazzling and even if your eyelids tremble with tiredness. Your warm, generous heart is still a gift to others. Even quietly like this. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 5.5

Green light. You can relax those muscles in your face, from your eyebrows to the 65 needed to furrow your brow. Smile and toast with others before escaping on your sled wearing a red angora cap. Destination relaxation. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 6.5

Smile. It’s Christmas. Sit down to the longest table in the world surrounded by your hundreds of friends. Someone dark and handsome discreetly sends a look your way. Much conversation and sparkling wine. And especially true affection, the kind that will save the world. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 7.5champagne for tomorrow. Rating 6

Those who don’t believe in fairy tales are lost souls. You can tell a few yourself. The kind with a happy ending or that leave listeners young and old with their mouths hanging open and tears in their eyes. Even with the moon upside down, you are a fairy spreading stardust to those around you. Merry Christmas to you all! Rating 5.5


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