December 25, 2012

11:07 PM

Not only is the air breathable this holiday season – it’s healthy. You are open with everyone, including yourself first and foremost. Your thoughts are like sentinels that can take a rest. There’s no reason to be on guard. Love is balanced and lively. There are rare exceptions to this. Rating 7.5.

There’s a feeling of peace that you like. The lights of the Christmas tree give you a sense of serenity. Even with Saturn in opposition, most of you are able to put those complicated thoughts to the side. There’s a fluidity in your dialogues and space for carefree fun. Rating 6.5.

It’s not a particularly unfavorable day but Venus and Mercury stimulate the neuron circuits of those of you who are usually sparkling but yawn because things are too slow. They want something more dynamic, exciting and surprising. It’s time to reawaken certain conversations. Rating 6.

Those born in the third decan should try not to argue with an unbearable relative. Your nerves may be frayed. The rest of you are chugging right along and may be pleasantly drowsy. There’s no real reason for indignation or protest. Rating 6.

You are wonderfully open and brilliant. You are the shining star on every Christmas tree, pointed straight toward the sky. You have a smile, a ready quip and energy to spare for everyone. Things are vital in love and affections. When he is near you, things are doubly harmonious. Rating 8.

You may be feeling slightly tired. You’ve got the moon in quadrature. Try not to overdo it and just deal with potential family obligations without working too much over the holidays. Taking a break and relaxing isn’t all that hard. Rating 5.5.

You’ve got the moon in trigon. Your body and mind are benefiting from the wellness. You enjoy all of the small little gifts, including a shining thought that truly pleases you. Things are harmonious in love, and there is room for true passion. The music box is playing to the beat of your heart. Rating 8.

None of you is merely vegetating but if you do give in to complete relaxation, don’t feel guilty about it. Today is a perfect day to regenerate your soul. Those of the third decan have Mars working in your favor and have a powerful energy. Everything revolves around them and there are no complaints. Rating 7.

You’ve got the moon in opposition. There are clouds of melancholy or maybe you feel like removing yourself from the Christmas atmosphere and your usual world. It could be good for you to get away for a minute or even a few hours. If your man is agitated, don’t go and provoke him today. Rating 5.5.

You are like a winter landscape painted by a poet. Silence, snowflakes and pure and clear colors in your soul. In these days try not to let yourself think about work. You can spend time with your family or read in the corner of the most peaceful and wonderfully scented chalet. Rating 6.5.

Lively. Your mood may even be euphoric. Saturn leaves those born in January in peace. The moon even improves the mood of those around you. Your partner is wonderfully understanding. There are rare exceptions. Sometimes it’s pleasant to nest at home. Rating 8.

If you find that there are little thoughts bouncing around your mind like crazed butterflies, it could be because you have Mercury and the moon in quadrature. Blasts of cold wind won’t last long. You just want to dream. Rating 5.5.


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