December 28, 2012

12:34 AM

An unpleasant moon sends you into a downward spiral where you may feel less confident, alarmed, irritated or at a loss. In reality, you shouldn’t have to face anything too complicated or difficult. Mars and Venus are working together to come up with favorable things for you. You are going like a marathon runner, but you might want to pay some attention to your actions and intentions.Rating 5.5.

There’s no doubt about it. You are going strong. You are also motivated and relaxed. Life is not just about sacrifice and difficult challenges that leave you with no room to catch your breath. Now it becomes joy, passion and a chance to reach the top. Love is like a flowering balcony - a riot of colors, scents and feelings.Rating 7.5.

It’s a good thing that you are weaving your web, creating thousands of connections, forging new relationships and interactions. You are actresses on the stage and only solitude and isolation hurt you. Mars is working for those of the first decan who practically levitate. They win out against gravity and resistance.Rating 6.5.

A sprightly moon that brings out your best qualities. It repeatedly spurs you on to keep going forth and not veer from the path you’ve taken, to make decisive – even revolutionary – choices. You are in a charismatic force. Your soul is still sweet, tender, and prudent but you’ve got the verve of a warrior ninja.Rating 7.

You have muscles of steel. You feel like you could break anything. Though those born in the first decan need to be careful. With Mars in opposition many things go up in smoke. But it’s a day that brings some rays of light even though an impasse at work may make you agitated. Venus doesn’t forgive selfishness.Rating 6.

You look for the planet among the stars. Your essence just shines. You radiate purity and sweetness. You are pulsating with desire, full of protons of passion. Get rid of small fears and complicated paradigms. It’s a day of happiness and satisfaction. Friendships are going great and love is poetry.Rating 7.5.

This weekend will be difficult at times, and you’ll be both bold and foolish at times. There may be a battle between reason and emotions. Contrasts between your wonderful sensitivity and your hardness. There’s much passion in your relationship, but it’s complicated and so intense it can be exhausting. Rating 5.5.

Confident. You are full of positive energy that you feel inside and are able to give off. Your intuition is right on about everything. You are able to read the soul of the entire world. You fall in love and others fall in love with you. You are less dark, less complicated. You become radiant and are especially full of love. Rating 8.

Positive Venus and Mars. There’s delight and ecstasy. You offer your strength to everyone with great generosity. Your laugh is enchanting and enamoring. You know how to alternate work and pleasure in the most perfect way. You are hypnotic with your man. All you have to do is look at him to have him do what you want.Rating 8.

You’ve got the moon in opposition. Things are moving slowly. It seems like a film in slow-motion. Images that are slow in reaching that climactic moment. Trains that don’t reach their destination, misunderstandings and restlessness. In love you’d like to reach great heights but you need to be satisfied with warm smiles.Rating 5.5.

You’ve got Mars in your sign. Your path won’t suddenly get any easier. But you put more courage, more willingness and strategic lucidity into things. You play on the attack, changing the results. You make a mark. You are a tornado in love as well. You are clear, passionate and communicative.Rating 7.

You are creative and productive. Amiable and charming. The desire to live continues to grow and you are able to melt that ice in your heart. An amazing trigon of the moon sees you rejoicing. You make an impact and make conquests. Those of you who still have not found love better get out there.Rating 7.5.


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