December 29, 2012

7:49 AM

It’s hard to stay wonderfully at peace with yourself in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle. Perhaps you aren’t in a great mood. Children love you, but you can’t always muster a smile. Up and down. Being with family is sweet but difficult as well. Your body and spirit need fortification. Rating 5.5

Your spirit is not really open to the loud, obnoxious tourists in the world outside your door. The holiday spirit is truly festive, as long as you have peace and serenity. Some of those of the first decan with Saturn over their heads should not focus on thoughts that are too complicated. Rating 7.5

Some - but not all of you - could be slightly affected by both Mercury and Venus in opposition in terms of feeling reckless, having small issues with a boyfriend or other relatively minor issues. It’d be a good idea to keep a low profile. Rating 6

You are on your little rock close to the ones who love you where friends can easily reach you as well. The Christmas feeling in the air allows you to regain a sense of peace and silence. Your heart is beating regularly and you are building your relationship day after day, sweetly. Rating 7

Your fiery eyes never waver. They shoot daggers that pierce the soul of those who try to stare into them. Fiery eyes that give off passion, that infuse strength, that ask for complicity and seek deep, reciprocal understanding. You are out of this world. Almost. Rating 7

Some of you are like the hinge upon which the entire universe and holiday festivities hangs. None of you feels alone, sad or like you haven’t received enough gifts. You are full of spunk. Many of you are wise and despite Mercury’s position, you are sailing right along, whirling and twirling. Rating 7.5

The period of recklessness is pretty much over but your great dynamic energy is still there. This period of desire is as loaded as a canon. If there’s someone who is perpetually inhibited among you, she should polish off her Super Id. But don’t treat desire as something that runs right over you or makes you lose. Vagueness. Rating 5.5

A gorgeous moon. You realize that you are regaining that which is wonderful and eliminating that which is difficult. It’s all white, no black. Most of you enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, especially those little things that seem to have been forgotten. Traditional and positive. Rating 8

Lunar molecules probe your thoughts and your desires, finding it difficult to get rid of that which is not essential. It seems like they don’t really get to your heart the way you’d like. You feel like something is missing. Or maybe others are asking too much of you. Some of you are exhausted. Rating 6.5

Saturn has really moved away from that hard position of last year and for most of you this Christmas was completely different. Today the moon pushes some of you to the point where you are out of time. You are gloomy and too reflective. Those born between Dec. 23 and Dec. 28 shouldn’t consider radical choices. Wait. Rating 5.5

Venus is in a good position, and this means you are getting your energy back, your passions are better controlled, you are combative only when necessary and you can keep up with it all. You can fly away to some magical place with your love. The planets certainly aren’t holding you back. Rating 7

This climate, atmosphere and environment make some of you original, nonconformist and out of the ordinary. This comes easy to you. You have the moon in trigon. There’s a sort of electricity that doesn’t affect the neoclassical peace. Rating 7.5


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