December 18, 2012

5:04 AM
So there's two small changes in Stardoll that I'd like to inform you about: 

The first of them is the new limit in starbazzar to sell items, instead of being 500 stardollars is now 600 stardollars, where you'll have 540 sd for yourself and the other 60 stardollars will be for Stardoll as taxes. The same happens to starcoins as you can see here: 

Also because of Stardoll Academy there's a new word on broadcast, which you probably have seen it already in the bar in stardoll, which is is yearbook. You can also choose to direct users to your Yearbook.

See you next time,


  1. Personally I am not a big fan now you will see inexperienced dolls putting nearly everything for 600sd and if they are gonna increase the bazaar price they should increase how much money we get if we top up coz they also took away the starcoin exchange thing

    1. Yes, I agree completely with you and I don't like it at all either. It feels like Stardoll is becoming more a business than just a game