December 6, 2012

12:06 AM
Hello again! Probably like me you haven't seen the new hair that was released in Tress Up... for free..and that's already gone. 

No kidding! I heard some rumors and comments about it and there were some lucky girls that were able to get it, like for instance this girl named Bruninha.4, as you can see bellow: 

I've no idea yet if it was a glitch of Stardoll and it'll come back again or if it's really gone. I've contacted Stardoll already and when I'll be answered, you'll be the first to know!
Personally I really like the hairstyle and it'd be a shame if it'd be really gone...Don't you think so?

See you next time,



  1. You get it when you enroll in stardoll academy. YOURE WELCOME!!!