December 16, 2012

6:24 AM
Hello everyone, I hope your weekend is being good so far.
Three dolls were created, all of them from Sweden with exclusive items from Stardoll Academy. 
You can see them bellow:

(To visit them, just click in the pictures)

There's other accounts with names alike, but for now it seems only these three account are for real, considering the items they've.

I was not able to see it on time, but while also reading in another blogs I realized there was another account called SDAQR but it was deleted already: 

Do you remember the hairstyle? Stardoll had told us that when this hairstyle came out for free for a quite short period of time that it was surely a glitch, but not more than that... so as it seems maybe it's another exclusive item for Stardoll Academy? (To see the post i'm referring to, click here)

When there will be more news about it, Vogue Daily will let you know, so keep checking the blog out!

See you next time,


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