January 10, 2013

7:32 AM
And the VOGUE doll December 2012 is:
username: Rei1981 !!

1. Name: Virginia
2. How is it to be Vogue Doll December 2012 ? WOW, it´s amazing. It was a great surprise to me. I´m very happy. It´s a great blog so it is an honor to be Vogue Doll
3. How would you describe your style ? The way a I dress it depends on my mood. I like to be classy, and the clothes that I choose always have a little of black and white.
I like to have different hairstyles. Hair shows character so, it is important to have the correct one for an outfit.
4. What are your wardrobe basics ? jeans, black pumps, black clutch, white shirts, black dress .Several coats (different colours) and some classic skirts
5. Is there really such a thing as the perfect Little Black Dress ? yes, black is classy, and it looks perfect for every ocasion. A perfect black dress with great shoes and the correct purse is heaven!
6. Your favorite accessory? It´s made by me, it looks like a Claddagh ring, but I use it on my wrist, also my bf has one.
Thank you for this interview =)

by IlonaStarletka