February 17, 2014

9:43 AM
VD is now looking for new writers, who are activereliable and have a blogging experience.

We are reaching out to you to find people to take up the torch and keep our articles active and interesting.

Additionally, if you are interested in writing a new articles series about stardoll and fashion, don't hesitate to contact us to let us know. We are always looking for new content to help expand and promote our favorite blog 


- Submit articles that are well formatted and free of errors.
-Writers should be active in participating in the comments section of not only their columns but the columns of other writers on the blog.

I know, everyone has own life so, if you can't handle with work here, i prefer to know, if you need a break or going to leave writer's career on VOGUE Daily.
We are looking for very strong writers.
Reliability is a must.

*“Public” means everyone can see it.
Available rubrics (In parentheses is the number of free places):

Daily News (2)
Fashion Fight (2)
Free Items (2)
My Day - My Way (3)
Spoilers (1)
Stardolls (1)
Trend Reports (1)
Vogue Beauty (1)
Vogue Doll Monthly (contest) (1)


Username (Stardoll):
Skype [If not, leave blank]: 
Do you have free time to write here?
Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]:

Additionally, we need managers for the Vogue clubs, who will be active, keep order, create new fashion topics / fashion polls.
Username (Stardoll):
Previous Experience:

Don't miss your chance! ;)


  1. Rubric: whichever
    Name: Cayla
    Username (Stardoll): Flowerpin
    Age: 16
    Country: USA
    Skype [If not, leave blank]: (I can message you)
    Do you have free time to write here? Depending on time of day. But, yes!
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: Allure, Stardoll's Appearance, HAUTE mag fall '12 edition. (only ones currently still active)
    In addition to that, I must say that I work better without creative restrictions once in awhile (such as freelance writing and articles and columns without deadlines). I understand that as an active and popular blog it is hard to do that, but I promise it would pay off and I would and will be inspired to write. ;)

  2. Rubric: My Day - My Way
    Name: Mangun Kaur
    Username (Stardoll): Mangunmeetan
    Age: 17 years
    Country: India
    Skype [If not, leave blank]:
    Do you have free time to write here?: Yes. I think I can find time at least once a week to write here.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: As a writer I have been working with Manda and Hilmy at Laa Vie En Rose. I am currently a writer at Allure Project.

  3. Rubric: Fashion Fight
    Name: Ferhat (T is prononced)
    Username (Stardoll) Ferhat200
    Age: 12 years (But I am very mature)
    Country: France
    Skype [If not, leave blank]:
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes! Every day, even during the holidays! :)
    Previous Experience [Blogs / Magazines]: I have an magazine (OXYGEN → In preparation) And I had a blog a little famous for her tutorials (deleted) All which WAS media partner with the large largest French blog (currently I have a magazine) :)

    (I know for the spoilers / search for talent :))

  4. Rubric: New, Talent, Spoilers and others
    Name: Jessica
    Username: Vinc2000
    Age: 14 years
    Country: Canada
    Skype: I don't have skype
    Do you have free time to write here: I have time, I'll do a lot of things for the blog I can do all the news, talents, spoilers
    Experience: Yes i post for my blog Lookbook Magazine, I posted to Stardoll Lookbook Magazine, Joking Fashion, Model Magazine and others!

    # Jessica :*

  5. Rubric: My Day - My Way
    Name: Manda El Rose
    Username (Stardoll): MandaMichalka
    Age: 17
    Country: Germany
    Skype [If not, leave blank]: You already have me on skype :)
    Do you have free time to write here: Yes I have, I can post at least once a week.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: I work for Allure as Manager, Juddervision, Street High Fashion and The Fashion Vibe (my own blogs) and I had my own magazines RUN and Distance.

  6. Rubric: My Day - My Way
    Name: Nora
    Username (Stardoll): Pikzi
    Age: 14
    Country: Ireland
    Skype [If not, leave blank]: Pikzi_Stardoll
    Do you have free time to write here?: Yes.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: worked for in early 2013

  7. Rubric: Fashion Fight, Free Things, My Day - My way, Vogue Doll Monthly (if you choose me *crossed fingers* and if I can, I can write all of them)
    Name: Carmen
    Username (Stardoll): SoniaBellaStone
    Age: 17
    Country: Croatia
    Skype [If not, leave blank]:
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: I haven't really previous experience. I don't know why I even applied here when I know that you need talented people with previous experiences. But I haven't it. That's one of reasons why I want to apply as writer here. Everyone need to start from somewhere, right? Also, I'm making graphics and some texts for my magazine I'll run in summer this year. Also, I made some unknown blogs in my past. But they're deleted. I also work as writer in my school magazine what's going very well. I don't know why I'm writing this. But I haven't previous experience and I hope when I apply to other magazines/blogs that Vogue Daily will be in my previous experience. That's all by me. :)

  8. Rubric: My Day - My Way, Trend Report
    Name: Mireia
    Username (Stardoll): mirdith
    Age: 19
    Country: Spain
    Skype [If not, leave blank]: ... (I don't have, but if it's necessary I can make one)
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes! Maybe not everyday, but I think I can keep constance and if not program posts for other days when I have time.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: I'm not very into magazines, but I am writer for a spanish blog (that now i'ts in remodelation) called Exclusive Stardoll Vogue. It's not very big, but I did some fashion battles and daily news. Now I would like to try my day-my way and the trend report, as I'm very into fashion (I do have my own fashion blog).

  9. Rubric: My Day - My Way
    Name: Virginia S.
    Username (Stardoll): Rei1981
    Age: 25
    Country: Argentina
    Skype [If not, leave blank]:
    Do you have free time to write here? yes I do, I can write two times a week.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: Allure, Enjoy Stardoll (


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  11. Rubric: My day-My Way or Daily Trends
    Name: Mariel De J.
    Username (Stardoll): Leiram25
    Age: 13 years old
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Skype [If not, leave blank]: (I don't but so is necessary i make one)
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes. i enter stardoll mostly in the afternoon and occasionally at night. Although I go to school, I have the time ordered to be present here.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: Blogs: / / And others i don't remember

  12. Rubric:My day-my way or daily news.
    Name: Caitlyn
    Username (Stardoll): BeeeachBabe
    Country: Australia
    Skype [If not, leave blank]: No but I can make one.

    Do you have free time to write here? Yes I have plenty of sparetime as I do not have much homework.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: Yes I actually owned it before one of my co-owners deleted it. This was a while ago so I don't remember its name.

  13. Rubric: Daily News
    Name: Daniela
    Username (Stardoll): Danielaf0226
    Age: 12
    Country: Venezuela
    Skype [If not, leave blank]: I do not have But I can create one
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes, I have a free time Schedule
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: I used to be a writer for a Spanish blog about Stardoll's Fashion but the Owner has deleted the blog.

  14. Rubric: Daily News - My Day-My Way
    Name: Alma
    Username (Stardoll): Starbuck1
    Age: 18
    Country: Argentina
    Skype [If not, leave blank]:
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes I do.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: Blog Enjoy Stardoll, web:

  15. Rubric: My day - My way
    Name: Mateo (you can call me Mat)
    Username (Stardoll): Mateotkd
    Age: 20
    Country: Argentina
    Skype [If not, leave blank]: --
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes, I can write 2 or 3 times a week.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: Yes, I work in two blogs, one is in Englis and the other one is in Spanish ( and


  16. Rubric:My day-My way
    Name: Malsore
    Username (Stardoll): malsorrrja
    Age: 14
    Skype [If not, leave blank]:
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes,I have enough time
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: I write on a national blog named also I have my own blog

  17. Rubric: Daily News or Trend Report
    Name: Britt
    Username (Stardoll): CanDelleA
    Age: 17
    Country: Canada
    Skype [If not, leave blank]:
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes! I'm homeschooled so I always have access and time to blog.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: I write in real life for a popular student-run online newspaper, I also have my own personal blog for family/friends to keep up with me at.