January 27, 2014

5:22 AM

Spring Makeup Trend: Bright Orange Lipstick

Spring may seem far away, but these gorgeous makeup trends will be on all our faces before we know it. 
Orange lips, while somewhat unconventional, are easier to do and more flattering than you might think.
A lot of us are afraid of rocking red lips, but orange? Yeah, they’re not usually your first choice.
Find your perfect hue. 
Whether you're pale, tan or somewhere in between, there’s a flattering orange lipstick out there for you! 

Spring Makeup Trend #2: Light Pink Lipstick

Since warm weather brings out sweet sorbet treats and blooming flowers, it's hard not to think pink! LP is another classic color that looks great on everyone. Make your lips look absolutely attractive with the Light Pink Lipstick.

Spring Makeup Trend #3: Golden Lipstick

This color might look scary, but you can wear it on its own for a glistening neutral pout, or layer it on top of a darker color for a shimmery effect.


  1. To be honest I used to be very afraid to go for 'unnatural' colours but since I've tried some on I just cannot get enough of them, it can really give a nice and edgy vibe. Same with orange, I'll be wearing it rather often this spring!
    Thank you for featuring me hun, now I already know which shade fits me the best :3

  2. I love it, perfect!

  3. I like the flame orange color, it gives the lips a little more definition.