February 2, 2014

10:42 AM
Transform products can be a little pricey and seem...unnecessary. I am going to show you a couple new uses for those seemingly useless beauty products. Note: On pictures shown (W/ stands for "with" and W/o stands for "without")

All Over Shade Sticks: 24 Stardollars
These pricey little crayons are more helpful than you think. You can use them as your contouring and highlighting and even face tattoos.

TRANSFORM Lipgloss: 24 Stardollars
Again, a seemingly pricey lipgloss that gives no shine. Why purchase it? It layers beautifully with the right color combos to give extra texture to those luscious lips.

With a little practice you can TRANSFORM you face in an instant. It gives so much personality.

Extra Tips:
Layer - different layers of colors give different looks. Experiment with it!
Shade - Color means everything. Try out different shades to see which work for your skin type before you buy it.


  1. Ikr! I use them rather often, I don't know how to make those facial hair masks so I just stick to it and it just looks as good and better than them.
    Thank for the featuring me btw hun :*