February 15, 2014

12:37 PM
Today I bring you something about fashion. Is not a new trend, but it's an important one that began last year and it's still on during these days: FLATFORM SNEAKERS.

They are everywhere, and bloggers and celebs have wore them. Even on the collection of Chanel resort we can find them.

Of course, bloggers aren't less, and The Blonde Salad even designed a collection for the super famous italian brand: Superga. 

And although it was not Miley who put them on the spot, she take it to the next level, and on the video We Can't Stop we can see her wearing a super high flatform sneakers.

On Stardoll there are a few that we can use to make great outfits, very streetstyle. This are some examples:

Model: amaia_estebanez
Styled by: mirdith
Wearing: Dotted Platform Sneakers (Original Future) 

Model: mikatsi
Styled by: mirdith
Wearing: Sunny Bunny Shoes (Evil Panda)

Model: Lacky2
Styled by: mirdith
Wearing: Graffiti Kicks (Facebook gift) + Wednesday Shoes (Fallen Angel)