March 1, 2014

4:35 AM
Here we are with another trend report, and now it's time to talk about baseball caps. They've been lately present in some streetstyle outfits. There are plenty on stardoll, so we can find the one we like most and style a killer outfit. These are the ones that can be found on Starplaza: 

As you can see there are A LOT! 

Here I leave you some streetstyle examples that I have found, so you can take some inspiration at the time of creating an outfit using a baseball cap. 


And to finish this trend report, some outfits I've made with my doll: 

 Now it's your turn! 
Next Trend Report will be about Boyfriend Jeans. If you want to appear on it, put in the comments below a link to your outfit using a pair of boyfriend jeans. I will use the ones I like most!


  1. I have some but I don't usually wear them. I'll try to use one sometime soon :)

    Here is my boyfriend jeans outfit:

    1. Thank you! xx
      You'll be on the next trend report Amaia!