April 13, 2014

3:19 AM
Hello, and welcome to another trend report. This time we'll be talking about Boyfriend Jeans. I personally love them, although I think that they aren't very flattering to our body. But anyway, here I am to bring some inspiration or ideas on how to style them, as they are an item very used these days.

First, let me show you what are a pair of boyfriend jeans. As the word says, they are like some jeans taken from the closet of our boyfriend, meaning a pair of boy jeans. They aren't skinny, and usually they are very long, that's why the trend is wearing them rolled up. Also, they tend to be ripped, to add that boyish"I don't care" look.

In Stardoll, these are some boyfriend jeans that can be found currently in Starplaza

And my favorite part, the inspiration. These are some streetstyle looks taken from some of my favorite blogs and Tumblr:


As you can see there are a lot of ways to wear them. the thing is creating some contrast with them, adding preppy items or sophisticated. Also, a tip is wearing heels, to aport some feminity to the look. Here's what I created with my doll, two different outfits of two different styles:

And here's some people that takes the trend to their dolls and I saw them wearing boyfriend jeans:

amaia_estebanez                        Silvia-93                            ChristinaKisa