VD is now looking for new writers, who are activereliable and have a blogging experience.

We are reaching out to you to find people to take up the torch and keep our articles active and interesting.

Additionally, if you are interested in writing a new articles series about stardoll and fashion, don't hesitate to contact us to let us know. We are always looking for new content to help expand and promote our favorite blog 


- Submit articles that are well formatted and free of errors.
-Writers should be active in participating in the comments section of not only their columns but the columns of other writers on the blog.

I know, everyone has own life so, if you can't handle with work here, i prefer to know, if you need a break or going to leave writer's career on VOGUE Daily.
We are looking for very strong writers.
Reliability is a must.

*“Public” means everyone can see it.

Available rubrics (In parentheses is the number of free places):

Daily News (2)
Fashion Fight (2)
Free Items (2)
My Day - My Way (3)
Spoilers (1)
Stardolls (1)
Trend Reports (1)
Vogue Beauty (1)
Vogue Doll Monthly (contest) (1)


Username (Stardoll):
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Do you have free time to write here?
Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]:

Additionally, we need managers for the Vogue clubs, who will be active, keep order, create new fashion topics / fashion polls.
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  1. Stylists.
    Name: Alex Holmes
    Username (Stardoll): conectt3
    Age: almost 16
    Skype : lumiere.a

    Samples of your outfits:

    Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: ELLE magazine (

    How would you describe your style ?
    I can't tell I have a specific style. Sometimes I can dress up in dark clothes, black leather jkt , biker boots with studs and other stuff like that. But sometimes I can just go in floral prints, clothes of a light color etc. I dress according to my mood.

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  3. Name: Hilmy
    Username (Stardoll):emmahunt4
    Skype: hilmy4444
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]:
    Samples of your work [link]:

  4. Stylist.
    Name: Khol V
    Username (Stardoll): hollyoaksrocks*
    Age: 16
    Skype : you already have me :)
    Samples of your outfits:
    Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: The stardoll Closet, Rebelle Magazine, Todays Top Trends, TTT F&M, The Graphic Vault.
    How would you describe your style? My style is 90s grunge most of the time, It depends how i feel at that moment, sometimes i can be classic and chic, then another time i can be grungy and rock.

  5. Stylist:

    Name: Mary Ann
    Username (stardoll): MssUnitedStates
    Age: 17
    Skype: dont give online
    Samples of outfits:
    Experience: Enjoy Magazine, OutLaw Magazine (in progress), Enjoy Stardoll Blog.
    How would you describe your style? My style is controlled by my emotions, when Im happy, I choose bright colours, or when Im depressed I tend to wear long dramatic, deep blue dresses. But my style can also be called "net" or "classy".

  6. Writer

    Name: Jack Ierardi

    Username (Stardoll): lip0

    Age: 16

    Skype: jack.pete.yeah

    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]:
    Wrote for
    Perez Hilton of Stardoll (,
    Beg for More(,
    Drug Magazine (
    Stardoll Fashion Files (
    Notebook of Fashion (

    Samples of your work [link]:

  7. Writer
    Username (Stardoll):Annie...Star
    Skype:Don't have one
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines] one)
    Samples of your work [link]:

    1. *FORGOT THIS*How would you describe your style? It is a street style! Jeans, T-shirts or blouses, huge bags huge sunglasses, but it's also about how i feel

  8. _________________________________________________________________________
    Name: Daysi

    Username (Stardoll): DaysiFranco

    Age: 18

    Skype: DaysiFranco

    Samples of your outfits:!fashion/c1n0f

    Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: HB Collectors

    How would you describe your style?
    I don't have a type of style really, what I'm feeling is what I usually wear. And if I'm inspired by something I usually try to incorporate it in my outfit. But I do tend to fall into a category I guess you can call it, I lean towards the grunge, urban, everyday street style. Cool, casual and collected.

  9. Stylist or Writer
    Name: Virginia
    Username (Stardoll): Rei1981
    Age: 25
    Skype : no/ email:
    Samples of your outfits:
    Samples of your work [link]:
    Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: Writer for Enjoy Stardoll (blog and Magazine, is in Spanish) and I´m Stylist for Allure.
    How would you describe your style ? The way a I dress it depends on my mood. I like to be classy, and the clothes that I choose always have a little of black and white. As Coco Chanel said: "A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous"

  10. stylist
    email(I don't have Skype)
    experience: I actually style individuals(I style them)as you seen in my samples. This is my first time working for a blog
    how would you describe your style? i describe my style as sophisticated. sometimes I also go for neon colors. I like clothes that are full of style. I don't copy what's in magazines or blogs, I trust my own styling and I don't copy other people. I think that being myself Is the latest trend.

    I hope you consider me as your stylist

  11. Stylist-

    Name: Michelle Umunna
    Username (Stardoll): ChocoMushroom
    Age: 15
    Skype : michelle_est.97
    Samples of your outfits:
    Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: I've written for Stardoll Fashion Daily, The Staroll Cheatbook, and interned at Stardoll Voice.
    How would you describe your style ?: Vintage, StreetStyle, I love black, because it will forever stay elegant. I also love pairing everything with gold/silver jewelry. Color, but not too much is good. Also minimalistic, white is such a pure.



    Name: Michelle Umunna
    Username (Stardoll): ChocoMushroom
    Age: 15
    Skype: michelle_est.97
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: I've written for Stardoll Fashion Daily, The Stardoll Cheatbook, and interned at Stardoll Voice.
    Samples of your work [link]: (Some images are erased, because they got new writers.)

  12. WRITER
    Name: Vitória Lie
    Username (Stardoll): Viilie
    Age: 17
    Skype: Vitoria_lie54
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: I'm writing for the blogs Allure and Meapte
    Samples of your work [link]:

  13. Name: Milena
    Username (Stardoll): vampirelady33
    Age: 21
    Skype: don't have one, but I can make one if I get accepted
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: worked for Beg for More, TTT, and writer at The Voice - stardoll free, you can find my best articles on, or on my personal starblog on sd
    Samples of your work [link]: look above

  14. Name: Sierra Lang
    Username (Stardoll): iswim19
    Age: 16
    Skype: iswim19
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: Memoires of a Medoll, Outrage Magazine, Red Lips Magazine, Eminince Magazine, The Stardoll Uprising, Stardoll Famewhores
    Samples of your work [link]:

  15. Rubric: My day - My way
    Name: Amaia
    Username (Stardoll): amaia_estebanez
    Age: 17
    Country: Spain
    Skype [If not, leave blank]: --
    Do you have free time to write here? Sure, I own a blog myself (that's the reason I only apply for this rubric), but I truly believe I'll have time for this, otherwise I would not apply.
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: Enjoy Stardoll (, Exclusive Stardoll (mine, & Inside Fashion (

    I love this blog, I'd love to be part of it :)

  16. Rubric: VOGUE BEAUTY.
    Name: Chaina
    Username (Stardoll): kitty-chaanel
    Age: 16
    Country: france
    Skype [If not, leave blank]:
    Do you have free time to write here? Yes this is holydays for me .
    Previous Experience [Blogs/Magazines]: