November 24, 2012

Hello Vogue Readers!

My name is Emma! ( Cute.Miss.Lola ~ Stardoll.)
You may have seen me in the latest issue of Vogue Magazine.
I am very proud and honored to be chosen by jelinna to work on this blog. I now work on this amazing blog, as a "Daily News" and "Covergirl" writer!

I'm very glad for this opportunity, as it will help me in later life. I'm very excited to start posting here, and getting heaps of feedback. So, without any further waiting, I present to you..

COVERGIRL 24/11/2012

Username: didikelly
Country: Brazil

What a gorgeous doll, pretty, elegant and natural! Her suite is just, wow! What creativity! Those patterns on the wall's are glamorous. I don't think she could do any better! Red and white look so well together!
Her eyes are stunning with the smokey eyeshadow on, mixed with black and white! The trend of stardoll. To me, her face tells a story. City Chic, is what I'm thinking, But what about you? What are your opinion of this medoll? Do you like? Or dislike?

Are you going to give her a 5/5?


Untill the next time..