November 23, 2012

Hi Vogue dolls!
I am Khol (hollyoaksrocks* on stardoll)
I am a new stylist and was chosen by Jelinna herself, I am very honoured to be here.
I love fashion with all my heart, and I was born to work in the fashion world!
So, you'll be seeing a lot of me, I'll be posting trends and stardoll-fashion related things very often to keep you beautiful readers up to date and bang on trend!

So, I have chosen to do a colour report, this colour is very popular for winter 2012/13.
Plums are not only delicious, but their colour is gorgeous!

Here are some plum coloured items you definitely need in your wardrobes

  • BASICS Plum Tote
  • Perfect Day Skirt
  • BASICS Plum Long Tote
  • BASICS Plum High waist Tote
  • RIO Tight Squint Dress
  • MKA Cropped jkt
  • BASICS Plum Booties

It's better to wear neutral/basic colours with plum, like white black or cream, you want it to match and look stylish.
Here are some ways to style the items;

Give it a go!, if I spot any medolls wearing anything plum coloured, you may be featured on this blog!

Lots of love,


  1. I love this Khol, thank you so much! You inspired my actual outfit, have a look at it, maybe you'll like it :)