December 17, 2012

6:01 AM

So as I was on Stardoll, I've seen that the doll Poohg_1993 did write in Stardoll about the Callie's Crew and considering it was for some time sort of mystery and also the fact that she's part of it, I thought the post she made could make more clear to us what it's really about:

I think she is quite direct and clear - It's just some Stardoll members working to make the site more 'decent' for the children that are in it, so it's like some sort of censorship. If you go to the girls suite you'll see that she has many free clothes, among them Rares, Hotbuys and things alike - I think it might be Stardoll giving her those items as some sort of payment. 

There's a club called Callie's Crew but it's only open for people that are from the crew but you can check it anyways here.

Personally and of course it's only my opinion that it's a bit ironical Stardoll putting censorship while they are facing legal problems cause of the too aggressive marketing on the children they're trying now to protect (to read the post about it click here) ...

Anyways what do you think of all this?

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