December 17, 2012

12:25 AM
Hello again fashionistas, probably some of you have read in Vogue Daily about the option of exchanging starcoins to stardollars was gone (if not click here to be directed to the post) and when I've noticed that at once I sent them a message asking if the situation was a glitch and temporary or if it was something permanent. They took quite a while to answer but today I just received something from them and you can see it bellow:

So it's something permanent after all.. But I must say in a personal point of view this won't surely make my experience in Stardoll a better one, I mean for me it doesn't matter really a lot cause in both cases I'll be buying many stardollars anyways but I just feel they took it away that option to make us buy more stardollars or to use those offers - which I may say for self experience are not so safe, every time I tried to earn something from it, I just got viruses. It seems we need to bear it anyways, just like they say in the message.. What do you think of all this actually?

See you next time,


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