June 8, 2014

8:06 PM
 Hey! Long time no see! Flowerpin here. With summer and all the new trends, I was inspired to make this post. I really am in love with the lace shorts trend. Stardoll already has a couple pair of lace shorts, but you just have to look for them. Adding another pair of shorts on top is the key. Here are the shorts I used to create the looks.

Layering here is the key. 
1) Find the right combination of shorts (One with lace)
2) Find a shirt and determine whether it should be tucked in or out (I prefer it tucked in)
3) Add other accessories.

The light and dark cutoff shorts seemed to be the best fit for layering the lacy pieces.
(This lace/denim combo also seemed to work well with the lace dresses from BASICS and certain denim skirts)

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!