June 25, 2014

8:21 AM

If you are an animal lover, Furry Friends is the shop for you! You can find adorable pets to live in your Suite or to run around in your sunny garden, and they won't get fur on your clothes or make on the carpet! Here are some of our favorite cuties from the store.

Miss Spring (8SD), with pretty flowers on her tiny head, is the perfect puppy for cuddling on the lawn.

Hug Me (10SD) are the best kitten friends! Balu (10SD) just loves playing, so he can have a game of tag with these pretty butterflies (80SC)

After all that playing around, no wonder they're sleepy! Puppy I am too tired (11SD) and kitten Sleeping Beauty (7SD) take a nap next to each other after a long day.

Which is your favorite furry friend?


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